40 Days of Community Study Guide: What On Earth Are We Here For?

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Rick Warren
Study Guide

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The 40 Days of Community Study Guidepart of the Living with Purpose small group bible study by Rick Warrenis a dynamic individual or small group study guide that will help you learn how to fulfill Gods five purposes for your life.

By unpacking the biblical support for each of the five purposes (fellowship, spiritual growth, service, worship, and sharing the good News) youll learn the ways it applies to you and your circle of influence, and how you can use this knowledge to benefit Gods kingdom.

Through it, Warren also explains how God planned for Christians to fulfill his purposes in community with each other in our church families, small groups, and in the world as a whole. Why did God plan it this way? Because were better together!

40 Days of Community will deepen your understanding of how God uses community for your own good and growth, as well as help you cultivate deeper relationships with those around you. Learn to fulfill Gods purposes discover how we are better together.

Sessions include:
1. Were Compelled to Love Gods Family
2. Were Commissioned to Reach Out Together
3. Were Chosen to Fellowship Together
4. Were Connected to Grow Together
5. Were Called to Serve Together
6. Were Created to Worship Together

This study guide is designed for use with the40 Days of Community Video Studyand40 Days of Community Devotional Journal.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review