7 Days and 7 Nights

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Wendy Wax

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Its Him vs. Her when romance collides with reality--and everyone is watching....

He says...hell have his way with her inside a week. Radio personality Matt Ransom of Atlantas raucous, testosterone-fueled Guy Talk is counting on a sure thing when he agrees to be locked up in a tiny apartment for seven days with the competition: the earnest Dr. Olivia Moore. Its an on-camera publicity stunt and Matts determined to come out on top.

She says...shell never make the same mistake twice. Though their long-ago affair is a secret, Olivia feels as if her broken heart is on display whenever she crosses paths with her infuriatingly cocky--and undeniably charismatic--nemesis. Now shes stuck with him in the reality show from hell...or is it heaven? All she has to do is keep a level head, even while every other part of her is spinning dizzily out of control.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review