A Basic Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (English and Hebrew Edition)

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Jo Ann Hackett

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This introductory grammar is the culmination of Jo Ann Hackett's more than thirty years of teaching Biblical Hebrew to college and university students. Clear explanations and helpful paradigms help students learn Hebrew quickly and well. Created for a one-semester course, but easily adaptable for a two-semester course, it includes vocabulary, exercises based on the BHS, English to Hebrew and Hebrew to English wordlists, and an annotated guide to key reference works. A resource CD provides the answers to the exercises as well as audio pronunciation for the Hebrew vocabulary, many of the paradigms and exercises, and select Old Testament readings.

Jo Ann Hackett's introductory textbook for Biblical Hebrew is exactly what every teacher and student desires: it is well written and easy to read, it isn't cluttered with information unnecessary to the beginning student, and, with its exceptionally clear descriptions, paradigms, and lessons, it is, above all, useful. Perfect for the seminary and the academic setting alike, students will find that this volume, despiteor because ofa few key variations from the conventional approach to teaching Biblical Hebrew, makes learning the language straightforward and easy. With this textbook Prof. Hackett has made her much-lauded teaching style and practices available to a wider audience, and those who take the opportunity to follow her lead will be much rewarded.Joel S. Baden, Assistant Professor of Old Testament, Yale Divinity School

In the years I have taught Hebrew, I have found no better grammar for getting students into the way we do Hebrew at Harvard. The grammatical explanations are clear and concise, they are ordered in a way to build students' confidence early, and the results are simply incredible. Indeed, after my first year using this grammar the class was able to read so many difficult texts after the single semester that our second year Hebrew course had to be fully redesignedthe students had already read, and mastered, all of the material ordinarily introduced in the second year course. Hackett's work, especially with the CD, will prove to be a valuable teaching tool for faculty and students who choose to follow her proven methods of language learning.-John Lee Ellison, Associate Dean of Harvard College

This grammar is excellent, by far the best to appear in thirty years. My students learned the basics of Hebrew in one semester. I wish it had been available when I was a student.-Walter E. Aufrecht, Professor of Archaeology, The University of Lethbridge


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