A Piaget Primer: How a Child Thinks; Revised Edition

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Dorothy G. Singer;Tracey A. Revenson
Revised, Subsequent

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Offers a fascinating and understandable account of childhood development for anyonea??education and psychology students, day care center workers and nursery school teachers, and parents.

Jean Piaget is arguably the most important figure of the twentieth century in the field of child psychology. Over more than six decades of studying and working with children, he brilliantly and insightfully charted the stages of a child's intellectual maturation from the first years to adulthood, and in doing so pioneered a new mode of understanding the changing ways in which a child comes to grasp the world.

The purpose of??A Piaget Primer??is to make Piaget's vital work readily accessible to teachers, therapists, students, and of course, parents. Two noted American psychologists distill Piaget's complex findings into wonderfully clear formulations without sacrificing either subtlety or significance. To accomplish this, they employ not only lucid language but such fascinating illuminations of a child's world and vision as??Alice's Adventures in Wonderland??and??Winnie-the-Pooh, as well as media manifestations like??Barney??and??Sesame Street. This completely revised edition of this classic work is as enjoyable as it is invaluablea??an essential guide to comprehending and communicating with children better than we ever have before.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review