A Season of Mystery: 10 Spiritual Practices for Embracing a Happier Second Half of Life

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Paula Huston

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We live in a culture that tells us there are few things worse than aging, that we should avoid aging at all costs, and that we must shun death. And yet, no matter how much money we spend on health supplements, no matter how many gurus we consult, the fact remains unchanged: We will grow old.

In A Season of Mystery, 60-year-old Paula Hustona grandmother, and also a caretaker for her own mother and for her in-lawsshares with readers a far more fulfilling way to approach how we live and how we think about the second half of life. Each chapter offers a spiritual practice that is particularly suited to nurturing us in ways we would never have recognized in our younger lives. For example, the practice of listening helps us quit superimposing our own take on every situation before we have a chance to hear and see what is truly there; the practice of delighting encourages us to notice and be thankful for what is small and seemingly insignificant. Each of the 10 practices serves as an antidote to the classic afflictions of old age, such as close-mindedness, complaining, and fear of change.

A Season of Mystery is not intended to be a selection of self-improvement secrets; the goal of Hustons work is to encourage people in the second half of life to become ordinary mystics who are no longer bound by the worlds false ideas on aging but instead be freed by Gods grace to embrace the riches that come only with growing older.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review