A Swing for Life: Revised and Updated

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Nick Faldo
Revised, Updated

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An instructional guide to the perfect swing from one of golfs most successful players and well-known television commentators.

A Swing for Life represents the ultimate collection of lessons, swing thoughts, observations, and discoveries that I relied upon in a career dedicated to the game of golf. Sir Nick Faldo

Nick Faldo is one of the worlds most accomplished and well-respected golfers. His name is synonymous with the dedication that is necessary to reach the highest levels of the professional game, and the patience with which he analyzed and fine-tuned his swing rewarded him with six major championships. In this extensive bookrevised and updated from the 1995 classicFaldo draws on the wealth of that experience to demonstrate the skills that lie at the heart of the game, tee to green.

Revealing a collection of absolute musts that underpin golfs fundamentals, Faldo explains how to set in motion a chain reaction that inspires a flowing, repeating swing, a technique that can be applied to every club in the bag. Theres a whole chapter dedicated to timing and tempo, featuring the drills and exercises Faldo used to maintain his own trademark rhythm, plus comprehensive lessons on modern driving strategy, short-game technique, bunker play, and the art of putting. Supporting his teaching throughout are superb photographs, as well as twenty-six original videos available for you to download from the book, adding a valuable dimension to the learning experience in every department of the game.

For veteran golfers, Faldos strategy on working the ball reveals the true talent of shot-making and control, while his practical advice on taking your game from the range to the coursethe art of visualizing shots and reproducing your skills under pressureis universally applicable.

At the highest level, golf is all about the respect a player has for the fundamentalsthe lessons that have stood the test of time . . . and thats precisely the message that I am going to make sure comes across in this book. So says Faldo in his introduction to what is essentially a master class from one of the games most exacting students and prolific winners. A Swing for Life promises inspiration for anyone who has ever picked up a golf club.


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