A way of seeing

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Edith Schaeffer

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A Way of Seeing invites the reader to open up his or her own way of looking at life, thereby gaining new perspectives and spiritual refreshment. It is a stimulating collection of sixty short essays by a talented woman--one who shared her perceptions of Christian family life in the successful book, What Is a Family?
In this book, Edith Schaeffer views the world around her--the experiences of everyday life--pondering their meaning and the lessons to be learned. A Way of Seeing is a kaleidoscope of personal responses to current events, history, God's way, nature's wonders, and humankind's shortcomings. In these miniscule glimpses of daily life, the author considers such basic human concepts as trust, faith, security, death, fear, and love.
At all times, ''the rich threads from God's Word'' are woven into Schaeffer's observations. Here readers will find a challenge to examine their own thoughts and become a ''doer'' by putting Christ's teachings into daily living.
These essays were first written for the magazine Christianity Today. Enthusiastic response from readers prompted Edith Schaeffer to offer her ''mental and spiritual food''' in book form. Although short enough to be read during relaxing breaks in the busy daily routine, in each essay readers will gain ''a feeling of refreshment and a new train of thought'' from an author of broad experience and Christian insight.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review