Abba Calling: Hearing From the Father's Heart Everyday of the Year

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Charles Slagle

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Letters from God
Daily affirmations of hope and encouragement so you can face all the challenges that are part of everyday living.
If anyone wants you to succeed, I do. If anyone is on your side, I AM. There is no one more committed to your happiness than I, and no one even begins to love you like I do.
-Excerpt from Abba Calling
Hundreds of personalized letters from God keep you in touch with His thoughts and feelings for you. Your life turns into a sweet and joyful place to bewrapped in your heavenly Fathers arms.
Savor a few moments each day in the Fathers presence while He speaks directly to your heart, as you relax in your Fathers presence, these words will comfort, encourage, and inspire you with His love. The Living Word of God will penetrate your heart, touch your soul, and renew your spirit. Come, sit and listen as Abba Father shares his passion for you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review