Addicted to Unhappiness : Free yourself from moods and behaviors that undermine relationships, work, and the life you want

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Martha Pieper;William Pieper
1St Edition

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A revealing look at a hidden addiction and how to conquer it Addicted to Unhappiness, the powerful new book by the bestselling author team of Martha and William Pieper, is based on the Piepers' discovery that the most common obstacle to fulfillment is a secret addiction to unhappiness. Drawing upon their years of experience in counseling children and adults, the authors explain how parenting styles based on discipline and excessive expectations condition children to equate unhappiness with love. Using fascinating and inspiring case examples, the authors illustrate how this unconscious association often persists into adulthood and leads to a variety of selfsabotaging behaviors, including eating disorders, overspending, compulsive gambling, fear of change, disastrous romantic choices, substance abuse, stalled careers, and more. Most important, it supplies readers with an array of powerful, proven tools, including self-assessments, checklists, simple diaries, and exercises, for overcoming their secret need to be unhappy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review