Advice to Little Girls: Includes an Activity, a Quiz, and an Educational Word List

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Mark Twain

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In perhaps the most satirical children's book of all time, Mark Twain dishes out outrageous, witty, and practical advice for girls with ease. Twain advises restraint for small offences, explains how to use coercion instead of brute force, and recommends that young girls learn from their past mistakes. Written at a time when girls were expected to conform to society, Twain breaks down barriers and encourages young girls to explore the limits of their potential. Mark Twain originally wrote Advice to Little Girls as a tongue-in-cheek parody of commonplace etiquette books. Several additional quotes by Twain complement the original work in this edition, and add depth to his advice. Also included is an activity, a quiz, and definitions of complicated words. New York artist Anna Shukeylo paints Twain's reasonable absurdities, igniting the imagination of little girls around the world.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review