Alien Hunter's Handbook: How To Look For Extra-Terrestrial Life

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Mark Brake;Colin Jack

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Given the mind-bogglingly large number of other galaxies and planets in the Universe, odds are pretty good that we may have neighbors out there somewhere. The Alien Hunter's Handbook: How To Look For Extra-Terrestrial Life is a practical and entertaining introduction to the field of Astrobiology which shows readers how life evolved on planet Earth, and how to go about finding other forms of life in other parts of the Universe. Although this is a fun, quirky, and visually inventive approach to the search for aliens, it is entirely based on real facts and ongoing, international research, and is written by Mark Brake, a founding member of NASA's Astrobiology Institute. Through five easy-to-follow chapters, the reader will find out where to look for an alien habitat, how long aliens may have been in existence, what they might look like, how we might communicate with them, and whether they may have made contact with-or even visited-planet Earth.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review