All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully

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Carrie Hope Fletcher

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This is a best friend in book form.Andrew Kaufman, author of All My Friends Are Superheroes

Today, Carrie Hope Fletcher is living her dream as an actress and YouTube star. But not long ago, she was trying to survive the many perils of the Teen Age . . .

  • The Rumor Mill: The more a rumor is spread, the farther it gets from the truth. Its like a giant taffy pull.
  • The Disgusting Business of Falling in Love: Ive never known something to be so gleefully wonderful and soul-crushingly exhausting.
  • The Twitter-Sphere: If the Internet is starting to crush your soul . . . close the laptop!
  • Bears: Self-explanatory.

Thankfully, she made it through! And although memories of her struggles, woes, and foibles stick around (as Soul Shrapnel, if you will), they look a little different today, thanks to The Amazing Goggles of Hindsight.

So, in All I Know Now, Carrie shares, well, exactly thatheartfelt advice and hopeful thoughts on growing up. She just did it herself. She has the stuffed animals to prove it!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review