Alone and on Foot: Ignatius of Loyola

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Brian Grogan

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This book is a concise and faithful abridgement of Solo y a pie (Alone and on Foot), the highly acclaimed biography of St Ignatius, written in Spanish by Jose Ignacio Tellechea Idigoras, a medieval scholar of international standing. The English translation, by Cornelius Michael Buckley SJ, was published by Loyola Press, Chicago in 1994, entitled Ignatius of Loyola, the Pilgrim Saint. Alone and on Foot is intended for the busy reader rather than the leisurely scholar. It omits many of the historical and psychological allusions that enrich the original in favor of a sharply defined profile of Ignatius himself. This unique work introduces the founder of the Jesuit Order and the renowned author of the Spiritual Exercises in and accessible and novel approach. - Catholic Library World Those who have read, and other who have not read, Buckley's translation will appreciate Grogan's well-designed book. - Review for Religious


(No reviews yet) Write a Review