An Introduction to Community Health Brief Edition

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James F. McKenzie;Robert R. Pinger

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Product Overview

A Condensed Version of the Bestselling Classic Health Text

An Introduction to Community Health Brief Edition is a condensed and fully updated version of the bestselling classic health text. It is ideally suited for students in Health Education, Nursing, and Social Work programs. Like the full-length text, the condensed edition provides comprehensive coverage of epidemiology, adolescent and child health, health and safety in the workplace, environmental health, and minority and elder health. This is the only condensed community health text on the market and is suitable for institutions with shorter academic terms.

Key pedagogical features such as chapter objectives, review questions, key terms, and a full glossary can also be found within the brief edition. Access to the robust companion website is included with the purchase of each new textbook.

Key features of the brief edition include:

Extensive information on community-health related issues, including maternal, infant and child health; adolescent health, and elder and minority health
Full coverage of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)
Discussion around the epidemic of deaths resulting from the nonmedical use and abuse of prescription analgesics
Environmental concerns around the earthquake, tsunami and the disabled nuclear power plant in Japan
A full suite of ancillary materials, including Practice Quizzes, Flashcards, Web Links and an Interactive Glossary can be found on the companion website


(No reviews yet) Write a Review