An Introduction to Human Factors Engineering

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Wickens Christopher D

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Description: Offering a somewhat more psychological perspective than other human factors books on the market, this text describes the capabilities and limitations of the human operator-both physical and mental-and how these should be used to guide the design of systems with which people interact. General principles of human-system interaction and design are presented, along with specific examples of successful and unsuccessful interactions. It links theories of human performance that underlie the principles with real-world examples, without a heavy engineering-oriented perspective. Contents: Preface. Chapter 1: Introduction to Human Factors. Chapter 2: Research Methods. Chapter 3: Design and Evaluation Methods. Chapter 4: Visual Sensory Systems. Chapter 5: Auditory, Tactile, and Vestibular System. Chapter 6: Cognition. Chapter 7: Decision Making. Chapter 8: Displays. Chapter 9: Control. Chapter 10: Engineering Anthropometry and Work Space Design. Chapter 11: Biomechanics of Work. Chapter 12: Work Physiology. Chapter 13: Stress and Workload. Chapter 14: Safety and Accidents and Human Error. Chapter 15: Human-Computer Interaction. Chapter 16: Automation. Chapter 17: Transportation Human Factors. Chapter 18: Selection and Training. Chapter 19: Social Factors. References. Author Index. Subject Index.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review