Bannerman's Ghosts

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John R. Maxim

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A long-awaited package has finally arrived at the fortified estate of billionaire sociopath Artemus Bourne. But instead of containing the anticipated biological nightmare one of his offshore firms created, inside are three severed human heads . . .

An act of vengeance by a man long thought dead has set in motion a drama too terrifying to imagine -- one that will ensnare ex-government assassin Paul Bannerman and his ghosts, operatives assumed dead but actually hiding in suburban Connecticut from their dark and bloody pasts. For Bannerman and his people cannot sit idly by as a maniac who hungers for ultimate power -- and possesses the wealth and weapons to achieve his terrible aims -- obliterates the lives of the innocent. But the clock is ticking rapidly down to Armageddon. And if he makes one wrong move, everything that breathes in Bannerman's world will die.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review