Barefoot in the Kitchen

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Alie Stibbe

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Here is a book of short Bible-based reflections for every mother who has ever felt that parenting young children is something of a desert time. Drawing on her writing from BRF's Day by Day with God Bible reading notes, among other sources, author Alie Stibbe shares her own story and some of the ways she discovered of finding God in the most mundane of everyday tasks. Even when we are 'barefoot in the kitchen', we may in fact be standing on holy ground! Despite the difficulties - even desolation - that we may pass through in the course of our journey, Alie shows that God is faithful to his word and will bring us to the Promised Land in the end. A combination of beautifully honest anecdotes coupled with bite-sized reflections on scripture and peppered with practical suggestions for inviting God into our every day. Lindsay Melluish


(No reviews yet) Write a Review