Beautiful Creatures: A Grayscale Adult Coloring Book of Animals

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Nicole Stocker

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Product Overview

Color over the gray to bring your images to life in this premium grayscale adult coloring book.

  • 48 stunning grayscale images of beautiful animals and creatures of all kinds for you to color
  • Printed one-sided on 100lb archival quality, acid-free paper
  • Perforated for easy removal and framing of your colored picture
  • Extensive Coloring Resources & Guidance: video tutorials, tips & techniques for the pages of Beautiful Creatures as well as hundreds of examples of colored pages from the book provided at
  • Watermarked on the back of each picture for the colorist's name and date
Nicole Stocker's books stand above any and all other greyscale coloring books I've purchased in paper and print quality! I recommend them to every coloring enthusiast I encounter. -- Jean R.

Grayscale colouring is a game-changer and Nicole Stocker's beautiful books are simply the best! -- Hoda L.

Immerse yourself in the space between black and white and explore the many shades of your imagination. Unique in its sophisticated grayscale format, Beautiful Creatures is a deceivingly simple coloring book for adults. Using the gray as your guide, you will feel like a professional artist, bringing depth to each animal image you color and creating lifelike artwork that is uniquely yours. Take a moment of solitude to rediscover your creativity, replenish your calm and experience the relaxation, meditation and mindfulness that comes from coloring.

Optimized for coloring, each grayscale photo in this adult coloring book is printed on acid-free, archival quality paper, perforated and watermarked for framing. Simply select your palette and color over the gray, letting the depth of shading guide your choices as you bring this thoughtfully curated collection of 48 striking images of animals and creatures of all kinds to life. Feel the thrill of artistic accomplishment that comes from creation, and the pride of seeing your work framed and displayed. Where the simplicity of coloring meets a refined aesthetic, the Beautiful Creatures grayscale coloring book for adults opens the door to artistic expression and all the joys that come with it.

The grayscale photographs in the Beautiful Creatures coloring book for grown-ups include everything from insects to elephants. More specifically: dogs, cats, reptiles, horses, birds, dolphin, leopard, crocodile, ladybug, seal, giraffe, jellyfish, bighorn ram, bear, lion, tiger, dragonfly, peacock and many more!

Grayscale adult coloring books introduce a new way to color. It may appear a bit intimidating but these grayscale coloring books are surprisingly simple. Just let the gray guide you when deciding where and how dark or light to color. Your image will come to life with great detail and realism. You will be amazed! Perfect for both the novice colorist and the experienced colorist!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review