Before The Beginning...God Designed

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J Kraft

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The Bible tells us to consider all His works and great deeds. Before the Beginning...God Designed is a guide to help make creation consideration intriguing and easy to do. Discover the power and perspective obtained when you take the time to consider His works. This is very helpful in keeping the big picture in todays disconcerting times.

Jim Kraft, author/designer is a professional communicator and has been a Bible-believing Christian for the past 30 years. Part of his work is in the creative process. It has always intrigued him to think about what it took to create something out of absolutely nothing. Data driven creation books like this can get clinical and scientific which distracts us from seeing the passion our Creator has for us. Before the BeginningGod Designed is written from a designers perspective about creation. The book captures a glimpse of the passion, imagination and transcendent genius it took to create what we see.

Before the BeginningGod Designedwas written to help people experience the epic passion exhibited by our Creator in the design of creation. Creations very existence reveals that incredible thought and planning were necessary to have a functioning universe. Kraft considers Gods transcendent genius and brings understanding to His life-giving message to mankind.

The author provides a platform from which to consider the design challenges that our Creator had before it all came into being.

The distractions and stresses of life can prevent us from seeing Gods plan. Before the BeginningGod Designedreminds the reader that we must not neglect the condition of our God-created hearts. When our heart is right, we can more easily connect with the heart of God.

Kraft explores how our movement away from the things of God and the onslaught of information consuming our time, energy and thoughts can unknowingly skew our perspective of the world, God, others and ourselves.

It doesnt matter if you are a pastor or a church member, this movement can take either down a path of disillusionment, emptiness and apathy. We can even find ourselves living life as a spectator verses a life participant. God tells us in His word to remember His works and to consider His creationyou. This can be difficult in todays busy lifestyle. Kraft provides help and insight to make this effort easy. When we do this, when we journey back to the beginning and consider what God has put in place, something extraordinaryalmost unexplainablebegins to happen, and that changes everything.

Before the Beginning God Designed covers key stumbling blocks holding back both our country and its people from being all that we can be. The book addresses who we are in Gods eyes, who God the Designer is and how PCs (not just Political Correctness) hide truth and discovery in education, science, industry, politics and religion.

When God spoke to Job,God gave himanew outlook. In fact,Job was blessed so deeply that it affectedhim right to the core of his being.God values our heart condition andKrafts hopeis to raise awareness of Gods original creation design, tohelp understandhow things were meant to be.

When we realize who we are to God: the Crowning Jewel of His Creation, we begin to value the unborn, our classmates, our colleagues, the elderly, and ourselves more.

Jim Kraft will help you see Gods handiwork and feel Gods personal concern for you like never before. He does more than simply look at the book of Genesis. Kraft examines Old and New Testament passages, along with current science and creation research.

Discover what veils Gods passion.
Identify the harm in Politically Correctpractices.
Understand the purpose behind life changes.
Think more creatively about our Creator.
Gain the reassurance that there is an eternity
and you are included in it!

When God created the universe, it was all about us. When we discover the Creator, its all about Him!


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