Beginning and Intermediate Algebra: An Integrated Approach

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R. David Gustafson;Rosemary Karr;Marilyn Massey

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The new edition of BEGINNING & INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA is an exciting and innovative revision that takes an already successful text and makes it more compelling for today's instructor and student. The new edition has been thoroughly updated with a new interior design and other pedagogical features that make the text both easier to read and easier to use. Known for its clear writing and an engaging, accessible approach that makes algebra relevant, BEGINNING & INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA helps students to develop problem-solving skills and strategies that they can use in their everyday lives. The new edition welcomes two new co-authors Rosemary Karr and Marilyn Massey who along with David Gustafson have developed a learning plan to help students succeed in Beginning Algebra and transition to the next level in their coursework. The authors have developed an acute awareness of students' approach to homework and present a learning plan keyed to new Learning Objectives and supported by a comprehensive range of exercise sets that reinforces the material that students have learned setting the stage for their success.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review