Big Kindergarten Workbook, Ages 5-6, K, 320 pages, outstanding quality, prepares kindergartners for success, essential skills

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Barbara Gregorich;Joan Hoffman;and Barbara Bando Irvin;Ph.D.
BIG Workbook

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Product Overview

Big Kindergarten Workbook has 315 pages of learning activities + Answer Key. It covers the kindergarten curriculum including reading readiness, early math, counting, and problem-solving in order of increasing difficulty. Kids build skills in the alphabet, numbers 0-20, counting, reading readiness, writing, sequencing, story order, following directions, matching, contrasting, classifying, grouping & relating words & pictures
Tear-out pages with color-coded skills ID make great worksheets for easy sharing & dividing up at home, in daycare setting & kindergarten classrooms. Clear instructions make it easy, and a Parent Guide & Activities to Share extend kindergarten lessons. Hours of practice enhance school success. Boys & girls love the playful characters and illustrations that improve focus and motivation & the award certificate for proud display of job well done. Use as preschool materials and resources or homeschool materials and resources & watch kids progress with this workbook.

Kids love color, characters, and room to play. School Zone workbooks deliver all that and so much more. Almost 40 years ago the company responded to parents need for tools to help reinforce in-school learning. Workbooks continue to be just the right combination of play and practice, making them excellent, teacher-created, parent-approved resources.

One super-pleased parent said about the Big Kindergarten Workbook: I bought this book for my son who will be going to kindergarten...The book is colorful and it keeps his attention and focus on the work (we do 4 worksheets a day) he doesn't mind doing the work because it feels fun for him with so many beautiful illustrations. I highly recommend this book.

Writing by hand fires up specific parts of a child s brain, improving a child s ability to not only remember what he or she learns, but to think of new ideas. Help kindergartners begin reading and doing early math! This big, 320-page book of creative, colorful activities will make kindergarten learning fun. It s designed to give kids all the kindergarten basics and help set the stage for first grade and beyond. Tear-out pages make for easy sharing anywhere, anytime. The kindergarten curriculum covers essentials including alphabet A-Z, beginning sounds, numbers 0-20, counting, transition math, adding, subtracting, visual discrimination, matching, classifying, reading readiness, observing details, cause & effect, sequencing, story order, relating words & pictures, problem solving, following directions, and more. Bold, bright colors and illustrations create curiosity and maximize motivation for the K curriculum. Kindergartners stay challenged until the end. When all done they can fill in their name on their very own reward certificate! Parent Guide and Activities to Share further extend learning & skill focus listed at bottom corner of each page makes it easy to zero in on areas that need more practice. It all leads to kindergarten progress and first grade readiness!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review