Building Blocks for Teaching Preschoolers with Special Needs, Second Edition

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Susan R. Sandall Ph.D.;Ilene Schwartz Ph.D. BCBA-D;Hsin-Ying Chou Ed.D.;Eva M. Horn Ph.D.;Gail Joseph Ph.D.;Joan A. Lieber Ph.D.;Samuel L. Odom Ph.D.;Ruth Wolery Ph.D.

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Product Overview

Updated for today's educatorsa??especially those new to inclusiona??the second edition of this bestselling guide is the lifeline preschool teachers need to fully include children with disabilities in their classrooms.

Easy to use with any existing curriculum, including Creative Curriculum and HighScope, Building Blocks gives educators three types of practical, research-based inclusion strategies that promote progress in critical areas like behavior, emergent literacy, and peer relationships. A must for professional development, this revised edition helps teachers thrive in the era of accountability with NEW material that reflects the six years of changes in early education since the first edition. Teachers will

  • discover how the Building Blocks approach aligns with OSEP outcomes to help teachers meet the federal requirements for special education
  • learn everything they need to know about evidence-based practice and how to apply it in their classrooms
  • print more than a dozen helpful formsa??including classroom assessments, planning worksheets, and child evaluation formsa??with the convenient NEW CD-ROM

Through clear and instructive vignettes woven throughout the book, teachers will also meet four young children from diverse backgrounds and learn from their teachers' examples of successful interventions. A perfect training tool for teachers and an ideal textbook for college and university courses, this revised bestseller will help today's preschool educators start all their students on the road to lasting school success.

Promote inclusion and improve child outcomes through

  • curriculum modifications that allow all children to participate
  • embedded learning opportunities used in typical classroom activities
  • child-focused instructional strategies that help students with individual learning objectives

A featured book in our Successful Early Childhood Inclusion Kit!

See how this product helps strengthen Head Start program quality and school readiness.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review