Catholicism For Dummies

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Rev. John Trigilio Jr.;Rev. Kenneth Brighenti

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There are more than one billion Catholics in the world, and each one has a similar set of basic beliefs and practices that he or she follows. Some of the teachings of Catholicism are thousands of years old, while others are more recent. So what is the Catholic culture like and what do they believe? Catholicism For Dummies answers these and many other questions.

Whether youre a Catholic or not, you may be totally clueless or just unaware of some aspects of Catholic traditions, history, doctrine, worship, devotion, or culture. No sweat. Regardless of whether youre engaged, married, related to a Catholic, or just curious about what Catholics really do believe, this book is for you.

Catholicism For Dummies is not a catechism or religious textbook, but a casual, down-to-earth introduction for non-Catholics and reintroduction for Catholics. It gives commonsense explanations so that the next time youre invited to a Catholic wedding, Baptism, funeral, Confirmation, or First Communion, you wont be totally confused. Youll also discover other important topics that can help you better understand the Catholic culturefrom morality and devotions to worship and liturgy. This book will familiarize you with Catholicism by showing you:

  • What it means to be a Catholic: traditions, prayers, beliefs, and holidays
  • Who is who in the Catholic hierarchy
  • How Catholics worship
  • What the Seven Sacraments and Ten Commandments are
  • The book regarded as theholiest to Catholics: The Bible
  • The Churchs stand on some sticky issues

Catholicism For Dummies presents a rich tapestry and history of the Catholic faithfrom devotions to doctrines. This intelligent and faithful look at Catholicism will open your eyes to this religion and answer many of the questions you may have about it.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review