Charlie Brown's Christmas Stocking (Peanuts Seasonal)

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Charles M. Schulz

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The two rarely seen Peanuts extras, created by Schulza series of vignettes, and The Christmas Story are back, in a popular stocking stuffer format.

During his fifty-year career, ninety-nine percent of Charles Schulzs creative energies went into the daily Peanuts comic strip. But once in a while he would create a special something else on the side, and this adorable little package collects two of his best extras from the 1960s: two Christmas-themed stories written and drawn for national magazines. Created in 1963 (two years before the Charlie Brown Christmas TV special) as a supplement for Good Housekeeping magazine, Charlie Browns Christmas Stocking comprises 15 original captioned vignettes featuring the entire Peanuts cast of the time Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, Frieda, Violet, Shermy, and Sally each with a joke or reflection about the season. The Christmas Story is an original tale created for Womans Day in 1968, this one focusing just on Snoopy and the Van Pelt siblings, with Lucy and Linus each explaining the meaning of the holiday to Snoopy. Im going to have to be careful, Snoopy reflects at the end of the story, resting on his doghouse next to his bone-decorated tree; all this theology could ruin my Christmas. The book also includes notes on the provenance of the stories and a pocket-sized biography of Schulz. A perfect gift item for the season! Yes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review