Cheapskate Monthly Money Makeover (Debt-Proof Living)

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Mary Hunt

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Product Overview

You don't need another budget. You need a money makeover that works.

Reformed spendthrift and cred-card junkie Mary Hunt successfully turned her finances around. Now, she shares her own techniques, sound financial principles who went from being in the red to having more money, assets, and financial security than they ever dreamed possible.

It's all here in this upbeat, user-friendly guide including:
A self-diagnosis quiz to help you become lean, mean, and in control
The amazing single step that will transform your financial situation
A customized rapid-repay plan for debts
Practical, nearly, pain-free daily spending controls
Best tips from The Cheapskate Monthly newsletter for getting the most out of every dollar
Special help for self-employment, bankruptcy, credit report problems..and more!

With Mary Hunt's phenomenal tips, you can get into great financial shape!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review