China and the Twenty-first-Century Crisis

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Minqi Li

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Most discussions of the global financial crisis take the United States as their focus, both for analyzing what went wrong and for making plans to avoid similar mistakes in the future. But that may not be the case next time: as Minq Li argues convincingly in China and the Twenty-first-Century Crisis, by the time of inevitable next crisis, China will likely be at the epicenter.

Li roots his argument in an analysis of the political and economic imbalances in China that would exacerbate a crisis, and possibly even precipitate a full collapseand he shows in detail the reasons why that collapse could happen much more quickly than anyone imagines. Writing from a Marxist and ecologically oriented perspective, Li shows unequivocally that the limits to capitalism are fast approaching, and that events in Chinaessentially the last great frontier for capitalist expansionare likely to be pivotal.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review