Cinema for Spanish Conversation (Spanish Edition)

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Mary McVey Gill;Deana Smalley;Maria Paz Haro

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This exciting new book is designed for courses in which outstanding films from the Spanish speaking world are used as springboards for classroom discussion. In this way, students hear Spanish the way it is spoken and are encouraged to converse about the social and cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking cultures around the world.

Each of the eighteen movies covered in the book have been selected for their high quality, interest, cultural value and easy availability from sources such as Blockbuster Video and

Each chapter is devoted to one movie, and contains appropriate vocabulary, cultural notes, special terms for conversation and composition, a focus on a specific scene for structured discussion or writing, questions for review and understanding, as well as optional reading sections from directors or critics.

This text is especially useful for courses in Spanish conversation, composition, culture, and film, as well as for non-credit community courses and language refreshers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review