Combating Terrorism, Strategies and Approaches

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William C. Banks;Mitchel B. Wallerstein;Rene de Nevers

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Countering terrorism tops the list of America s devilish set of problems. Americans deal with terrorism and the threat of terrorism through enhanced investigative tools in hopes of interdicting terrorism before it strikes; as a law enforcement issue; as a matter for international cooperation and diplomacy; and as a species of war best fought by the military. These approaches are not mutually exclusive, nor are they exhaustive. Nor have they, or will they, be successful all of the time. But as a central focus of U.S. national security strategy, the stakes couldn t be higher.

In ten comprehensive chapters, Combating Terrorism discusses tools and tactics for dealing with this ever-changing challenge, with a focus on how they operate in the real world. Additionally readers are encouraged to explore why terrorists might strike and what might be done to ameliorate root causes. The authors also discuss the dynamics of homeland security planning and recovery, with an examination of the crucial role of the media and our government s public affairs function in crisis situations. Each chapter features a series of case studies designed to give students a quick study of actual terrorist actions and the counter strategies at work, offering further insight into the complexities of combating terrorism.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review