Common Ground: A Song Book for All the Churches (Full Music Edition)

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Church of Scotland Panel on Worship
Music edition

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This song book draws on all traditions for its source material and is designed to become personalised by every church which uses it. Based on the principal of fresh words and ideas, it offers the Church ways of breaking out of old musical patterns. It contains: standard favourites not available in CH3 ; world songs where simple textures combine to make rich sounds; many good contemporary hymns in traditional style, reflecting dialogue, prayers and actions of the Church today; psalms which are shared between solo/choir/cantor and congregation; communion settings by Scotland's leading contemporary composer, James MacMillan; songs and Psalms from recent Scottish and American Roman Catholic writing, suitable for occasions when we worship together (as well as useful in their own right); hymn and Psalm settings from the Iona Community and other popular Scottish sources; short musical settings to enhance participation in prayers; hymns in Gaelic with translations; and psalms and hymns set to Scottish folk tunes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review