Connections: A World History, Vol. 1

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Edward H. Judge;John W. Langdon

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Connections: A World History focuses on the connections within and between societies, combining a uniquely comprehensive and consistent map program with a strong pedagogical support and a narrative that students will actually read.

Written by historians with years of experience teaching world history, Connections presents both a global and regional perspective, so students can appreciate both the diversity and connectedness of human societies. Concise chapters and a clear engaging narrative make the text accessible to a wide range of students. In addition, because students struggle with geography, the book includes significantly more maps than other textsin most cases twice as manyand great care was taken to make them consistent and exceptionally clear. In each caption, the authors have provided guidance for reading the map and for connecting it to the surrounding text. To further help students succeed, marginal notes highlight major connections for easy review, and pronunciation guides appear after difficult names. Lastly, compelling vignettes introduce the themes of each chapter, concise excerpts from relevant primary sources allow students to hear the voices of the past, and an extensive chapter review section is designed to help students test themselves and succeed in this difficult course.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review