Conspiracy!: 49 Reasons to Doubt, 50 Reasons to Believe

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Ian Shircore

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Yesterday's secrets make today's headlines. Conspiracies and cover-ups, real or imagined, have shaped our world. Now leaked cables and declassified papers are rewriting the history of our times.

The rush of new evidence - from WikiLeaks, Freedom of Information inquiries and declassified archives - has solved some classic mysteries. Yet it raises more questions than ever about the assassinations of the 1960s, the dirty little secrets of the late 20th century and the earth-shaking events of recent years.

Once you've seen what WikiLeaks has revealed about the possibility of a 5th 9/11 hijack squad, on a BA flight heading to London, you'll wonder what else they've failed to tell you about.

Once you've seen the details of Operation Northwoods, the insane plan to fake a terror bombing campaign in Washington and other US cities dreamed up by America's top 4-star generals as a pretext to invade Cuba, you'll wonder what other 'false flag' plots have been put into operation.

And once you know the real stories behind the death of Jim Morrison of the Doors, the business links between Google and the CIA, and the notorious 'Clinton body count' rumors, you'll find yourself questioning everything you see in the media.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review