Cooking Fun: 121 Simple Recipes to Make with Kids

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Rae Grant

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Classic American recipes from grandma's kitchen are the inspiration for this children's cookbook offering 121 recipes for simple and wholesome food. Inspired by vintage cookbooks from the 20s and 30s it is designed to appeal to the eye as well as the stomach. Included are beverages, sandwiches, soups, simple suppers, quick breads, cakes and cookies, and even some child-friendly veggies. The recipes are clearly presented with easy-to-follow steps teaching children how to make these nutritious recipes from scratch.

PERFECT FIRST COOKBOOK---easy to follow recipes combined with essential cooking basics like how to measure, read recipes, set a table, plus kitchen safety tips.

CHILD-TESTED RECIPES---all the recipes are child-tested and use fresh ingredients. Some of the recipes require adult help, especially for younger children, but many can be completed independently.

DELICIOUS COMFORT FOOD---classic American recipes that are both fun for kids to make and health-conscious, as they are made from scratch using wholesome ingredients.

YOUR FAMILY FAVORITES---includes a scrapbook section at the back for collecting family recipes and making notes.

Cooking Fun is an all-around great first cookbook and keepsake for any child.

What kids are saying:
The strawberry shortcake was so good. ---Max
I loved making whipped cream with the rotary beater. ---Charles
Your tomato soup is my favorite. Can I have the recipe? ---Claire
Yummy turkey meatballs. ---Gwen


(No reviews yet) Write a Review