Crazy Days: My Autobiography

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Sadie Frost

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Sadie Frost's tell-all covers her anarchic childhood, hertwo high-profile marriages, and finally growing up

Sadie Frost has had anextraordinary life, from her humble roots in 1960s Britain to her middle-class adult life, via her two high-profile marriages and living out her life in the media spotlight. In this candid book, Sadie tells her life story in her own style. She discloses the details of herabsolutely uniquechildhood and teenage years; she tells all the behind-the-scenes stories from the films she has worked on, including staying at Francis Ford Coppola's Hollywood home; and she reveals the story of her marriage to Spandau Ballets Gary Kemp, and how she left her idyllic family life with him when she met Jude Law on the set of the film Shopping, later marrying him. She also discusses, at length, herlife with Law, including her struggles withcrippling postnataldepression. This is the story of a woman finding herself againagainst all the oddsand finally growing up.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review