Crazy Enough: A Memoir

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Storm Large
First Edition

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Yes, Storm Large is her real name, though shes been called many things. As a performer, the majority of descriptions have led with Amazon, powerhouse, a six-foot Vargas pinup come to life. Playboy called her a punk goddess. Youd never know she used to be called Little Sthe mini-me to her beautiful and troubled mother, Suzi.

Little S spent most of her childhood visiting her mother in mental institutions and psych wards. Suzis diagnosis changed with almost every doctors visit, ranging from schizophrenia to bipolar disorder to multiple personality disorder to depression. One day, nine-year-old Little S jokingly asked one of her mothers doctors, Im not going to be crazy like that, right? To which he replied, Well, yes. Its hereditary. You absolutely will end up like your mother. But not until your twenties.

Storms story of growing up with a mental time bomb hanging over her veers from frightening to inspiring, sometimes all in one sentence. But her strength, charisma, and raw musical talent gave her the will to overcome it all. Crazy Enough is a love song to the twisted, flawed parts in all of us.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review