Creating a Lead Small Culture: Make Your Church a Place Where Kids Belong

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Reggie Joiner;Kristen Ivy;Elle Campbell

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Every kid needs to be known by someone and to belong somewhere.

Most leaders agree. That's one reason for a shift in the way many churches are discipling their kids and teenagers. Think of it this way: connecting kids and teens to a consistent leader who believes in God and believes in them is something the church can do that nothing else in culture does.

Creating a Lead Small Culture: Make Your Church a Place Where Kids Belong, by Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, and Elle Campbell, is for every leader of small group leaders. Strategy, best practices, training tips, and real-life stories from over 20 ministry leaders across the US and Canada--this book has what you need to create an effective small group culture in your church.


My wife, Wendy, and I have seen the benefits of small groups up close. Our daughter, Jesse, and our son, Cole, have been greatly influenced through small group leaders who share our values and yet speak to our kids from a different perspective. This has been a huge blessing to us as parents. As a pastor, I highly recommend Creating a Lead Small Culture to anyone who works with kids and teenagers. This is a smart, sustainable strategy with enormous generational impact.
Jeff Henderson, lead pastor, Gwinnett Church

As a parent, leader, and researcher, my goal is that all kids will be surrounded by adults who lovingly help them be changed by Christ to change the world around them. This wise book gives your church the practical tools you need to make that goal a reality.
Kara Powell, PhD, executive director of Fuller Youth Institute (FYI)

I's one thing to see the potential in small groups; it's another to create a church culture in which small groups thrive. Creating a Lead Small Culture is a must read for every senior leader and leadership team. In a masterful and engaging way, Reggie, Kristen, and Elle explain the behaviors every team can incorporate into their culture to see kids, teens, and families flourish through the ministry of the local church.
Carey Nieuwhof, lead pastor, Connexus Community Church


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