Creating Community: Five Keys to Building a Small Group Culture (North Point Resources)

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Andy Stanley;Bill Willits

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Five keys to building a small group culture that fosters meaningful, lasting connections within your church community.

Small groups are the key to impacting lives in your church. But a healthy small-group environment doesnt just happen.So pull up a chair. Lets talk about how to make it happen.

Bill Willits and bestselling author Andy Stanley share their successful approach, which has resulted in nearly eight thousand adults becoming involved in small groups at North Point Community Church in Atlanta. Simply put, the five principles have passed the test. This is not just another book about community; this is a book about strategystrategy that builds a small group culture. Creating Community shares clear and simple principles to help people connect into meaningful relationships. The kind that God desires for each of us and that He uses to change our lives. Put this proven method to work in your ministry and enjoy the tangible resultsGods people doing life TOGETHER.

The small-group program at North Point Community Church is not an appendage; it is not a program we tacked on to an existing structure. It is part of our lifestyle. We think groups. We organize groups. We are driven by groups. Creating Community contains our blueprint for success. And I believe it has the potential power to revolutionize your own small-group ministry! Andy Stanley


(No reviews yet) Write a Review