Cuentos Para Pensar/stories to Think About (Spanish Edition)

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Jorge Bucay

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Jorge Bucay offers these stories, which are a fruit of his own invention and creativity. His objective is to create a bond with the reader in which the stories become a unique link with the writer. Bucay above all, makes a praise of the firmness and reliability of the unquestionable watched over common sense. Stories are used to put kids to sleep, and to wake up adults, he states. Includes a CD with stories narrated by the author packed and attached to the book.

Desciption in Spanish:
Jorge Bucay nos ofrece ahora estas historias, fruto de su propia inventiva. Su objetivo es crear un vnculo con el lector en el que el cuento se convierta en un lazo nico con el escritor. Bucay ante todo hace una apologa de la solidez y la fiabilidad de la indiscutible mirada del sentido comn.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review