Daniel: Discovering the Courage to Stand for Your Faith (Discover Together Bible Study Series)

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Sue Edwards

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The latest addition to the outstanding Bible study series by expositor and teacher Sue Edwards

Since 2007 Sue Edwardss Bible studies have enlightened, encouraged, and equipped women with meaningful devotion, biblical principles, and timeless life lessons. Now to this updated and enhanced series that has proven so helpful in many new ways, Sue is adding a timely and provocative new study of the book of Daniel.

Organized to facilitate either individual or group use, Sues studies offer timeless lessons, probing questions, and now include inspirational sidebars and short three- to five-minute supplemental videos. By simply scanning the video QR code or visiting the series website (www.discovertogetherseries.com) students or class facilitators can watch historical and cultural background information, discover pertinent truths found in each weeks lesson, or find thoughtful questions to encourage personalized discussion.

In her latest study, Daniel: Discovering the Courage to Stand for Your Faith, Sue looks at the life and lessons of Daniel and his companions, who, like so many believers today, faced increasingly challenging choices between their love and commitment to God and the often aggressive hostility of the godless culture in which they had been placed. Sues intelligent and insightful exposition of the book of Daniel and its historical and cultural setting, combined with her practical and timely instruction in the daily application of the message and lessons of Daniel, make this an indispensable guide to women of faith in our rapidly changing cultural environment.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review