Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage

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Molly Wizenberg

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The New York Times bestseller from the author of A Homemade Life and the blog Orangette about opening a restaurant with her new husband: a??Youa??ll feel the warmth from this pizza oven...cheerfully honest...warm and inclusive, just like her cookinga?? (USA TODAY).

When Molly Wizenberg married Brandon Pettit, he was a trained composer with a handful of offbeat interests: espresso machines, wooden boats, violin-building, and ice creama??making. So when Brandon decided to open a pizza restaurant, Molly was supportivea??not because she wanted him to do it, but because the idea was so far-fetched that she didna??t think he would. Before she knew it, hea??d signed a lease on a space. The restaurant, Delancey, was going to be a reality, and all of Mollya??s assumptions about her marriage were about to change.

Together they built Delancey: gutting and renovating the space on a cobbled-together budget, developing a menu, hiring staff, and passing inspections. Delancey became a success, and Molly tried to convince herself that she was happy in their new life untila??in the heat and pressure of the restaurant kitchena??she realized that she hadna??t been honest with herself or Brandon.

With evocative photos by Molly and twenty new recipes for the kind of simple, delicious food that chefs eat at home, Delancey explores that intimate territory where food and life meet. This moving and honest account of two people learning to give in and let go in order to grow together is a??a crave-worthy memoir that is part love story, part restaurant industry tale. Scrumptiousa?? (People).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review