Developing Cultural Humility: Embracing Race, Privilege and Power

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Developing Cultural Humility offers a unique look into the journeys of psychologists striving towards an integration of multiculturalism in their personal and professional lives.?? Contributing authorsa??representing a mix of cultural backgrounds but stereotypically identified as White a??engage in thoughtful dialogue with psychologists from underrepresented communities who are identified as established and respected individuals within the multicultural field. The contributing authors discuss both the challenges and rewards they experienced in their own journeys and how they continue to engage in the process of staying connected to their cultural identity and to being culturally responsive. In addition, psychologists who represent historically disenfranchised communities have similarly reflected on their own journey, while offering commentary to the personal stories of White psychologists. This text is useful for stimulating discussions about privilege, power, and the impact race has on either bringing people together or creating more distance, whether intentionally or unintentionally. It demonstrates to readers how to engage in the process of examining onea??s own culture in more intentional ways, and discusses the implications as we move towards engaging in more dialogue around multicultural issues.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review