Differentiated Literacy Coaching: Scaffolding for Student and Teacher Success

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Mary Catherine Moran
First Edition

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Making sure that all students read well is a top priority for schools, and literacy coaches are playing an increasingly important role in the effort. Their challenge? To deliver the kind of instruction and support best suited to the teachers they work with and most likely to help those teachers improve the literacy of their students.

In Differentiated Literacy Coaching, Mary Catherine Moran presents a solution for meeting the diverse needs of literacy coaches and their charges. The heart of the book is an exploration of the Literacy Coaching Continuum, a series of professional learning formats that coaches can use singularly or in combination to design and deliver the most effective, most appropriate support:

* Collaborative Resource Management
* Literacy Content Presentations
* Focused Classroom Visits
* Coplanning
* Study Groups
* Demonstration Lessons
* Peer Coaching
* Coteaching

Moran reviews the key considerations school leaders and literacy coaches must keep in mind when determining program focus and scope; describes the roles, responsibilities, and procedures involved in each coaching format; and offers guidelines based on research findings, exemplary coaching programs, and insights from her nearly 30 years as an educator. Readers will also find more than a dozen modules for coaches professional development, including recommended materials and step-by-step procedures to help both new and experienced coaches expand their expertise. An extensive collection of print and online resources further enhances the book s usefulness for anyone interested in learning more about establishing--or improving--a literacy coaching program.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review