Dignity of Work (Documentation)

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Keneth Myata

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While work is central to human flourishing, the way in which it is understood and practiced has the potential both to affirm and to assault human dignity. Drawing on the social sciences, this book contributes to the current discussion on the ethics of work from the perspective of the Lutheran theological heritage as it is expressed in the different contexts of the communion. Furthermore, it explores the various ways in which the Scriptures can be read in light of Luther s understanding of vocation, and explores the implications of affirming the dignity of work in relation to questions of fair remuneration, gender, and culture.

THE CONTRIBUTORS: Christoph vom Brocke; Edward Dommen; Roswitha Golder; Kathryn L. Johnson; Martin Junge; Tom Kleffmann; Andreas Kunz; Pierre Martinot-Lagarde; Kenneth Mtata; Veikko Munyika; Martin Robra; Roger Schmidt.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review