Does God Believe in Atheists

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John Blanchard

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This book was first published in fourteen years ago, but its
content is timeless. It is John Blanchard s major work, and was
voted 'Best Christian Book' in the 2001 UK Christian Book
Awards, and immediately became a best-seller, described as 'a
brilliant defense of belief in God'.
In the introduction, Sinclair Ferguson says that Does God Believe
in Atheists may well be unique and certainly is remarkable. It is
very probable that you have never read anything quite like it
before. Does God Believe in Atheists? belongs to no ordinary book
category because it seems to belong to so many different
categories. One does not need to be a prophet to predict that it
will be frequently consulted and its material widely used.
Here is a book on religion and theology. It is bulging with facts
and fascinating information. The notes alone, which display John
Blanchard s wide interests and reading, run into somewhere over
2,300. Yet nobody need be afraid of these pages for that reason.
For John Blanchard takes great care not only to make everything
clear, but also to make it enjoy- able, by sharing with us all kinds
of interesting information about the great thinkers and scholars
in world history. Big ideas, complex thoughts, recondite
philosophies and scientific theories are all explained in a way
that even a modestly educated reader can understand. When all
this comes packaged with a sense of humour and a love for golf
(the latter without the former would surely be a grave
philosophical aberration), you know that you have a book worth
Most of all, however, this is a book that will challenge you to
think and help you to do so.
This new edition has been revised and now includes the ESV as
the main source of Scripture quotations.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review