Easy French Reader Premium, Third Edition: A Three-Part Text for Beginning Students + 120 Minutes of Streaming Audio (Easy Reader Series)

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R. de Roussy de Sales

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Product Overview

Enhance your French reading skills with this primer for premium results!

Easy French Reader is based on the premise that the best way to learn a language is to start reading it, immediately. Suitable for raw beginners to intermediate-level language learners, this bestselling title features engaging readings of progressive difficulty that allow you to rapidly build comprehension. Part I describes the adventures of two friends, an American and a Parisian, as they learn about their respective cultures; Part II describes episodes from the colorful history of France; and Part III contains four abridged short stories by famous French authors.

New to the Premium Third Edition are accompanying materials in the McGraw-Hill Education Language Lab app:

  • Flashcards of all glosses in the book
  • Audio recordings of select readings from the book (all of Part I, the first section of Part II, and La Parure in Part III)
  • Audio recordings of select post-reading exercises in Part I; if your mobile device has the capability, you can record your own answer and compare it against the native-speaker pronunciation

Note: audio recordings (totaling 120 minutes) require Internet access.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review