Economics, the Environment and Our Common Wealth

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James K. Boyce

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This fascinating volume has at its heart a simple but powerful premise: that a clean and safe environment is not a commodity to be allocated on the basis of purchasing power, nor a privilege to be allocated through political power, but rather a basic human right. Building upon this premise, James K. Boyce explores the many ways in which economics can be refashioned into an instrument for advancing human well-being and environmental health.

Comprising a decade's worth of essays written since the publication of the author's pathbreaking book, The Political Economy of the Environment (2002) (978 1 84064 366 4), this volume discusses a number of diverse environmental issues through an economist's lens. Topics covered include environmental justice, disaster response, globalization and the environment, industrial toxins and other pollutants, cap-and-dividend climate policies, and agricultural biodiversity.

The first economics book to explore the idea that the environment belongs in equal measure to us all, this pioneering volume will hold great interest for students, professors and researchers of both economics and environmental studies.

Awarded Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2013

Contents: 1. The Environment as Our Common Heritage
2. Is Inequality Bad for the Environment?
3. In the Wake of the Storm: Disasters and Environmental Justice
4. Justice in the Air: Tracking America's Industrial Toxics
5. Where Credit is Due
6. Cap and Dividend: Carbon Revenue as Common Wealth
7. A Chinese Sky Trust
8. A Future for Small Farms
9. Globalization and Our Environmental Future


(No reviews yet) Write a Review