Environmental Law for Paralegals

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Laurel A. Vietzen

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Product Overview

Practical Environmental Law is a comprehensive, practical introduction to environmental law. This concise, well-written text focuses on a broad understanding of the sources of environmental law and offers students numerous practical exercises as well as concrete methods for researching the law.

Special features of this exciting new text:

  • accessible, practical approach to environmental law
  • first chapter offers a brief overview of legal research and how it specifically applies to environmental law
  • Part One of the book discusses the implementation and sources of Environmental Law and Part Two covers specific statutes
  • Chapter 6 offers unique coverage about conducting due diligence in real estate transactions, which is a compelling real-world concern of paralegals
  • includes a large number of hands-on assignments and websites to engage students and teach them how to access additional information, as well as exercises designed to teach students how to access local and state laws
  • boxed features on employment opportunities and ethical issues
  • strong pedagogical features reinforce the material, including crossword puzzles, key terms, review questions, and practice exercises
  • in-depth Instructor’s Manual with additional website references, answers to assignments and review questions, and a test bank

Be sure to review a complimentary copy of this text before you teach your next course in environmental law. After using Practical Environmental Law , your students will be able to “hit the ground running” in a law office or government agency.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review