Environmental Politics and Policy

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Walter A Rosenbaum

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Rosenbaums classic, comprehensive text once more provides definitive coverage of environmental politics and policy, lively case material, and a balanced assessment of current environmental issues.

Notable revisions include:
A completely revamped energy chapter covering conventional energy policy as well as a comparative examination of alternatives to current energy production.
Expanded discussion of current U.S. climate change policy with attention to the role of the states, the impact of global environmental politics, and emerging technologies on policy alternatives.
Analysis of the Obama administrations energy agenda and its profound differences from Bush administration policies and the practical difficulties of creating an effective political coalition in support of the new policy agenda.
Greater emphasis on executive-congressional relations in the policy-making cycle.
Examination of changes in the environmental movement, with particular attention to newly emerging cleavages over energy and climate issues.
A thorough updating of all policy chapters, including an examination of such topics as mountain top removal, the emergence of Bisphenol A as an endocrine disruptor issue, and the new NIMBYism.

New and revised tables, figures, and other data illustrate key environmental information while a new, detailed timeline frames the initial chapters historical narrative of evolving environmental policy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review