Essential SQLAlchemy: Mapping Python to Databases

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Jason Myers;Rick Copeland

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Dive into SQLAlchemy, the popular, open-source code library that helps Python programmers work with relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgresSQL, and SQLite. Using real-world examples, this practical guide shows you how to build a simple database application with SQLAlchemy, and how to connect to multiple databases simultaneously with the same metadata.

SQL is a powerful language for querying and manipulating data, but ita??s tough to integrate it with your application. SQLAlchemy helps you map Python objects to database tables without substantially changing your existing Python code. If youa??re an intermediate Python developer with knowledge of basic SQL syntax and relational theory, this book serves as both a learning tool and a handy reference.

Essential SQLAlchemy includes several sections:

  • SQLAlchemy Core: Provide database services to your applications in a Pythonic way with the SQL Expression Language
  • SQLAlchemy ORM: Use the object relational mapper to bind database schema and operations to data objects in your application
  • Alembic: Use this lightweight database migration tool to handle changes to the database as your application evolves
  • Cookbook: Learn how to use SQLAlchemy with web frameworks like Flask and libraries like SQLAcodegen


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