Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction (Routledge Contemporary Introductions to Philosophy)

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Harry J Gensler

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Harry Genslers Ethics introduces undergraduates to the main issues in contemporary moral philosophy. It also relates these issues to practical controversies, with special attention paid to racism, moral education, and abortion. It gives a practical method for thinking about moral issues, a method based largely on the golden rule.

Key Features:
Serves as either the sole textbook for a lower-level introduction to ethics/moral philosophy course or a supplementary text for a more advanced undergraduate ethics course
Provides clear, direct writing throughout, making each chapter easily accessible for an engaged undergraduate
Offers a philosophically rigorous presentation of the golden rule
Includes helpful study aids, including: bolded technical terms, boxes for key ideas, chapter summaries, suggested readings, and a glossary/index

Key additions to the Second Edition:
A new chapter on virtue ethics, which deals with Aristotle, Plato, and related controversies
A new chapter on natural law theory, which deals with Aquinas, double effect, sexual morality, and related controversies
A significantly revised chapter on the golden rule, which is now much clearer on certain key points
A significantly revised chapter on nonconsequentialism, which now has expanded coverage of human rights, libertarianism, and socialism, and uses the right to health care as a case example
An expanded bibliography
A new appendix that overviews key books students will want to pursue upon completing Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction, Second Edition
A rewritten instructional program, EthiCola, which is now much easier to download and use and has (for students) revised exercises for each chapter and (for instructors) a score-processing program, class slides, and instructors manual. This can be found on the books companion website:


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