Experience Music with 2 Audio CDs

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Katherine Charlton;Robert Hickok

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One of the most successful new texts in Music Appreciation in over a decade, Experience Music provides an innovative approach to the fundamental challenge of the music appreciation course: the development of real listening skills in each student. With its unique three-part chapter structure in which one piece of music is experienced three times over the course of the chapter, the text offers a fresh, exciting, and more effective way to help students appreciate and understand great music of all kinds.

This second edition has been carefully revised to build upon and refine the text's highly effective approach through extended pedagogy, more focused features, and new and updated Listening Guides.

A program of well-crafted supplementary materials continues to serve the needs of students as well as instructors using the text. Each new text is packaged with a set of two audio CDs featuring key works addressed in the text and Online Learning Center; additional musical selections are also available for optional purchase. This edition moves the content of the companion CD-ROM to the Online Learning Center, providing open access for all students to the many activities and exercises. Within the text itself and in the online components, Experience Music provides the tools that help students listen more actively and appreciatively.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review